A New Home for Habitat

Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Harrisburg Area currently operates out of offices rented from the Pennsylvania Council of Churches.  With space at a premium and the mission and reach of the organization expanding, the Habitat board of directors evaluated available options and chose a solution offered by the City of Harrisburg.  In 2003 Habitat acquired a building that had been vacant for about 30 years at 100 North 13th Street in the Allison Hill Historic District which is bounded by Naudain, State, Cameron, and 17th Streets.


A New Home for Habitat


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The vision for this building is that a building large enough to hold Habitat for Humanity is also big enough to positively impact the Allison Hill neighborhood of Harrisburg.


Educational Workshops:  There will be educational workshops where training programs are held for current and prospective homeowners to provide them with the knowledge to maintain their homes.  That training will also include sessions on financial management and household budgeting


Community Meeting Rooms:  Space will be available to local community groups from the Allison Hill area.  Included will be multi-use community board and event rooms and the art gallery installation space which all serve to support the economic and cultural development of the Allison Hill community


Local Business Incubator Offices:  The square footage that Habitat for Humanity will reserve for a business incubator provides offices for rent to small businesses or start-ups in the future.  Not only will Habitat for Humanity provide homes, home repair and educational services from the building, but the building itself will provide economic growth opportunities for community members’ futures


Retail Re-Store:  There will be a ReStore© where donated good and materials as well as locally produced crafts are sold at minimum prices. This way, local residents can affordably manage the upkeep and beautification of their own property.


Construction Storage:  Purchased and donated building materials will be stored in the Habitat for Humanity storage areas until they are prepared for a new home build or a home repair project


Administrative Offices:  There will be space for Habitat for Humanity offices in one central area so that the construction, repair and resource development staff can work synergistically and all of the various Habitat committees that serve our client and partners will have a place to carry on their work.


Habitat for Humanity will partner with other organizations in the city so that this building can be designed to support the arts, the community and the initiatives of similar-minded neighbors. By focusing on three areas, we will be living the mission of Habitat for Humanity while enhancing our surroundings:


  • Historical  -  significance of the building in its neighborhood, revitalization and adaptive reuse of the building


  • Community  -  meeting and training workshop space, business incubator office space, as well as exhibition of local art


  • Green design  -  reuse of existing building, efficient lighting and landscaping, use of recycled materials throughout the interior design;


Habitat for Humanity will be creating a working space that serves more than just our affiliate - we will be rescuing a building that is important to the history of Harrisburg while at the same time serving the community and the environment.  For more information and to donate to this project, contact the Habitat office at 545-7299.



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